DuPont announces second microbiome strategic partnership


In Denmark, the DuPont Nutrition & Health Microbiome Venture announced its second strategic research and development partnership with the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies in Tallinn, Estonia to focus on developing cultivation and bioprocess capabilities for next-generation probiotics.

The term “next generation,” refers to commensal microbes naturally resident in the gastrointestinal tract and demonstrated to be associated with health and wellness.  Such microbes typically have fastidious growth requirements, which must be mastered in order to be able to produce them at scale. “We are delighted to be partnering with TFTAK,” said Microbiome Venture Leader Sebastien Guery. “With its excellent capabilities in bioprocess technology and systems biology, TFTAK will support DuPont by defining the optimum conditions required to culture and produce some of our next-generation probiotic strain candidates.”

DuPont established the Microbiome Venture to accelerate microbiome science-based solution development through selected strategic partnerships with microbiome science leaders and internal investments.