Drinking water technology keeps water microbe free for months


In Lithuania, researchers at Kaunas University of Technology are developing drinking water disinfection technology to destroy microorganisms and provide long-term (up to 3 months) protection against a wide range of the microbes. Used in the form of water purification tablets or liquid, it is cost efficient and user-friendly way to provide clean water when there is need.

One of active ingredients in the water purification process is silver, which has been used for drinking water disinfection already in ancient Rome. Long-term stability is the characteristic trait of some of the disinfectants used in the method. Therefore, the product can be stored for several years without losing its disinfecting characteristics. Used as a tablet or liquid added to the water, KTU water purification technology is extremely user-friendly.

The technology not only efficiently destroys the microbes existing in the water, but the treated water is protected from secondary microbial contamination: microbes do not breed in openly kept water containers for more than several months.