Monsanto Growth Ventures invests $25M in Pairwise Plants gene editing company


In California, Pairwise Plants closed a $25M Series A financing co-led by Deerfield Management and Monsanto Growth Ventures, the venture capital arm of Monsanto Company. Pairwise is an agricultural company focused on using gene editing and leveraging natural diversity in agricultural crops in new ways to address global food challenges.

Pairwise has licensed programmable base editing technology from Harvard University and will be developing new gene-editing applications that Pairwise intends to make available to a wide array of food and agriculture companies spanning row and specialty crops, fruits and vegetables.

“My co-founders and I believe the technologies we have each been developing can have a profound impact in plant agriculture and will speed innovation that is badly needed to feed a growing population amid challenging conditions created by a changing climate,” said Pairwise founder J. Keith Joung.