Succinic acid shown to plump up baby pigs


In Canada, biobased succinic BioAmber says a joint commercial trial with an unnamed North American feed formulator has found that BioAmber’s BIO-SA is an effective feed ingredient for nursery pigs.

According to BioAmber, feed supplementation demonstrated “substantial benefits towards the growth performance and gut health in nursery pigs under dietary and environmental challenges. Specifically, the addition of bio-succinic acid to feed resulted in material increases in the average daily weight gain of nursery pigs.”

Prior in vitro tests also showed that BIO-SA exhibits antimicrobial activity against certain microorganisms at lower concentrations than other organic acids.

Succinic acid is already listed by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and the European Union Register of Feed Additives, for use in animal feed formulations.

“Animal feed represents an extremely large market opportunity for BioAmber, and these studies show that our product could play an important role in antibiotic replacement,” says BioAmber CEO Richard Eno. “BIO-SA can assist the Animal Feed industry’s continued move away from antibiotics as well as its ongoing drive for enhanced feed productivity, while at the same time improving the overall sustainability of the supply chain. Formulation and early stage market testing continues as we move towards ongoing, commercial sales in this important sector.”