India startup launches all-natural sanitary napkins


In India, an e-commerce startup is offering all-natural, chemical-free sanitary napkins made from bamboo fiber and cornstarch.

Founded by Tanvi Johri and Rikshav Borah in 2017, Carmesi aims to create a biodegradable alternative and prevent allergic reactions to chemicals in conventional sanitary napkins.

The top sheet is made of cornstarch while the middle absorbent layer is made of bamboo fiber, Johri says. The bottom layer is made with corn-based bioplastic.  “Most sanitary pads available in the market are made of synthetic materials and contain harmful chemicals,” Johri says. “These pose a severe health risk to women in the long run.”

Carmesi currently has over 4,000 customers per month, and demand is growing 30% percent per month. Prices start at Rs 349 ($5.49) for a pack of 10. The pads are available through Carmesi’s website as well as online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Purplle.