Healthy “milk-style” chocolate launch taps British biobased packaging firm 


In Ireland, a health food brand known for its dairy-free ice cream has teamed up with plant-based packaging firm Parkside.  Nobó will use Parkside’s films in its new range of “milk-style” chocolate—its first product outside of the frozen food category.

“We worked closely with Nobó to create a pack that reflected the company’s emphasis on guilt-free indulgence,” Phil O’Driscoll, Head of Innovation and NPD at Parkside tells Packaging Europe. “The Choc discs are made with sustainable plant based ingredients and are free from dairy, gluten, refined sugar and artificial additives, so the wrapper needed to be as good to the environment as the product is to the body.”

The packaging will include a biopolymer sealant and materials made from wood pulp and corn starch. Parkside is based in Coventry, United Kingdom.

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