3D printed building façade partnership between DeMeeuw and DUS Architects


In the Netherlands, DeMeeuw, a Dutch construction company, is partnering with DUS Architects on a 3D printed building façade made from recycled materials like shampoo bottles. The 3D printed design can be reused or recycled into plastic pellets and printed again. The first façade will be completed in 2018 and they hope that the process will help make building and home façades more affordable and flexible with custom designs.

DUS Architects isn’t new to 3D printing as they experimented in the past on a 3D printed canal house and bioplastic façades for the acclaimed Europa Building in Amsterdam. Els van Mierop, Commercial Director at De Meeuw told 3ders “Through this collaboration, we can provide our customers with full flexibility and freedom of expression that fits our sustainability goals. At the same time, we keep the buildings and homes affordable, due to the digitization of the process and the lack of costs for combustion and new material.”