Look Into My Crystal Ball – Benson Hill and GDM Collaborate on Soybean Genomic Program that Predicts Soybean Outcomes


In Missouri, agricultural tech company Benson Hill Biosystems and soybean research and development company GDM Seeds are collaborating to accelerate a soybean genomic breeding program. GDM is using Benson Hill’s technology platform, CropOS, to improve its soybean research worldwide. GDM already has a presence in more than 15 soybean producing countries and plans to expand in other markets such as Argentina, Brazil, Europe, South Africa and others.

Benson Hill’s platform uses big data analytics with cloud computing to act like a crystal ball and foretell the future, predicting biological outcomes and providing critical decision support to advance breeding programs. Using this technology will help expand GDM’s soybean breeding efforts that focus on maximizing yield and improving soybean crop performance.