The Resources for Scale-up: The Digest’s 2017 Multi Slide Guide to Passmore Group’s view on sustainable project development


The Passmore Group? It’s like global advanced technology wrapped up inside a maple leaf. There’s hardly a technology wave that’s in any way sustainable or renewable that Jeff Passmore et al have not played a Canadian part in over the past 20 years. The enduring challenge? Getting across the Valley of Death and to scale. For some tine Passmore Group has been focused on companies looking to put “steel in the ground for your first commercial plant,” as as Passmore has observed, “every conversation about project development will begin and end with a discussion of capital – both debt and equity.

“You must convince a lender/investor that all project risks can be managed: technology risk (will it work), construction and operating risk, feedstock risk, offtake risk, scale-up risk, management team risk,” Passmore says.

Jeff Passmore gave this illuminating overview of Canadian opportunities and the financing outlook, all wrapped in one, at ABLC 2017 in Washington DC.  Also, let’s note his excellent Scaling Up Conference later this year in Ottawa where all these issues will be under the microscope.