Nth Power and Nth Plant: The Digest’s 2018 Guide to Process Scale-Up, or Not?


You probably knew him first as the VP for Biofuels at Chevron, and later the Program Manager for the DOE Biomass program. Paul Bryan’s a noted consultant on technology development and sometime lecturer in chemical engineering at Berkeley when not on the ABLC stage with the Due Diligence Wolfpack.

“I apply my background in industry (Chevron) and government (DOE) to assess the techno-economic and market prospects for new technologies in renewable fuels and chemicals, and to help advance them to commercialization,” Bryan notes. His objective assessment of technologies, projects, companies, strategies, and opportunities in light of the current state of affairs (technical, business, and regulatory) have a legion of fans around the world these days.

His latest musing, Nth Power and Nth Plant – Process Scale up, or Not? was the subject of this presentation at ABLC 2018 in Washington DC.