Youngevity launches Super Greens phytonutrient supplement


In California, Youngevity International, Inc. debuted Super Greens, its first phytonutrition, fermented whole food product. Phytonutrients are the natural matrix of vitamins and minerals in whole foods and Super Greens offers a full set of foundational nutrients with each serving.

Super Greens drink powder is made from a blend of raw, certified organic fruit and vegetable juices, live probiotics and enzymes that are fermented to maximize the nutrients and probiotics bio-availability.

“Our Super Greens beverage reflects Youngevity’s ultra-premium standards for delivering the highest quality of nutritional supplementation,” Steve Wallach, CEO of Youngevity said. “With Super Greens, we take the next step in nutritional product diversification – building upon our vitamin and mineral-based supplementation approach by adding best-in-class, fermented whole plant nutrition supplementation. Our inaugural phyto-nutrition product offers individuals looking to better their lives yet another quality option for meeting their daily nutritional needs related to exercise and to positive daily living.”