Genomix Nutrition Aquires Advanced Genomics’s Nutrigenomic Lab


In Texas, Genomix Nutrition, a nutrigenomic testing company, acquired Advanced Genomics’s nutrigenomic lab in San Antonio. Genomix will now handle DNA testing in-house as a result of this lab acquisition, which will help them get test results to patients quicker and more efficiently. Even though Genomix was just founded a year ago, it runs more than 500 genetic tests from simple cheek swabs each month,  has grown by 220 percent, and has over 270 medical providers in the U.S. and several other countries that use their DNA tests for their patients.

Kara Stewart, CEO of Genomix Nutrition, told Rush PR News We are very excited to now offer in-house DNA testing services to our patients through our own genetic testing lab. As Genomix Nutrition grows and expands into new markets, this acquisition helps to quickly provide and simplify the testing process and nutritional analysis recommendations for the benefit of our growing provider base.