Mushrooms Make Ecofriendly Art for Office Buildings


In New York, several commercial office buildings are the first to feature Ecovative’s mushroom wall tiles. The modern art tiles are made of mycelium, which is the mushroom growth stage right before  the mushroom produces spores, mixed with hemp and starch to make a strong biomaterial. The art tiles are wrapped in compostable fabric using a soy-based adhesive, ensuring the wall art is made entirely of environmentally friendly and non-toxic biomaterials instead of petroleum-based materials or formaldehyde which is common in many office materials.

Some of the tiles are MycoFoam which replaces fossil-based foams like Styrofoam and has acoustic properties, which is useful for large office spaces that need acoustic control. If you decide you don’t like the wall art after a while, you can throw it into a compost pile where it will biodegrade.

Ecovative isn’t new to the market, as they already supply packaging biomaterials for Dell, and they partnered with BioMASON to create mycelium based furniture.