Environmentally Friendly Dishwasher Tabs Made with Milk Proteins Coming Soon


In France, Lactips plans to have its water soluble, biodegradable thermoplastic pellets and films to market later this year. The pellets and films which are made from non-edible casein, a milk protein, are currently being made in their lab, at a subcontractor for industrial production, and at a partner packaging plant, but Lactips is planning a new manufacturing site in France by end of 2018. They expect their biodegradable pellets in particular to be used in the detergent industry for the increasingly popular dishwasher powder tabs. Lactips also plans on expanding into laundry, water treatment and agrochemicals. Marie-Helene Gramatikoff, Lactips’ CEO, told Plastics News Europe, “Our material is a clean biomaterial (biosourced and biodegradable), it doesn’t leave any residues or any traces in the environment. It’s an environmentally friendly product.”