Spinnova joins Fashion for Good’s Scaling Program


In the Netherlands, Fashion for Good and Finland-based Spinnova, the Finnish developer of a cellulose fibre converting wood pulp into yarn with a small footprint, joined forces through the Scaling Programme. Spinnova’s process uses a unique technology that turns wood pulp directly into yarn, without using any harmful chemicals or water- or energy consuming steps in the process. This manufacturing process method uses up to 99% less water compared to cotton.

Spinnova gets the unique opportunity to connect to manufacturers, brands and investors capable of helping them fast-track the implementation and adoption of their daring innovation. They will be supported for a period of 18 months, with clear and jointly defined milestones on a roadmap to scale.

The Scaling Programme of Fashion for Good now consists of nine innovative participants who are ready to revolutionize the industry: ColorZen, The Infinited Fiber Company, Softwear Automation Inc, Tamicare, Worn Again, moral fiber (formerly Ambercycle), bext360 and Tyton Biosciences.