Bolt Threads Launches Biobased Knife with Best Made and Chris Reeve Knives


In California, Bolt Threads launched their latest product using their the ground breaking Microsilk fiber, a sustainable bio-engineered spider silk. They partnered with Best Made to develop the Nyala knife, whose handle is made from a high-pressured composite of Microsilk fibers encased in resin-matrix. The knife is made in the USA and uses Bolt Thread’s high-pressured composite, reinforced with a vibrant Microsilk substructure. Bolt Threads worked closely with legendary American knife makers Chris Reeve Knives, and enlisting their iconic Nyala fixed blade pattern.

Chris Reeve’s expert machinists shaped the full-tang blade from incredibly resilient S35VN steel, while the engineers at Bolt Threads formed the Microsilk composite handles in their Emeryville, California workshop. The knives were stonewashed, assembled, and hand-finished in Boise, Idaho at Chris Reeve Knives.