Celebs encouraged to embrace green on the red carpet


In Los Angeles, environmental group RCGD Global sent A-listers a sustainable style guide ahead of the 95th annual Academy Awards, held Sunday to much fanfare. The guide recommends attendees wear vintage garments or clothes with natural textiles.

Launched in 2010 as a design competition Red Carpet Green Dress, RCGD aims to create opportunities for emerging fashion designers and boost awareness of sustainability in high fashion. Its efforts appear to be paying off; RCGD CEO Samata Pattinson told Insider ahead of the awards show that she expected over 70% of attendees to adhere to the organization’s suggestions. “They’re going to be renting, they’re going to be tailoring existing pieces they’re wearing,” she said. “Some will be DIYing, or borrowing archival looks.”

Repurposed fashion is a big theme, she adds. “The other big one for me is probably textiles—there are lots of new ways to show color,” Pattinson continued. “Textiles can be innovative, and some of them are really out there, you know? There are algae-based ones, bio-based options, and pieces made from regenerated ocean plastic. There’s a plethora.”