Pear & Mulberry’s bioplastic Zen Garden kit offers sustainable peace


In Wyoming, design firm Pear & Mulberry has launched a miniature Zen garden kit made of bioplastics. Called Meta.Zen, the kit is comprised of magnetic hexagons and small decorative elements suggestive of gardens. The items are made from algae, bamboo, walnut wood, and corn-based polylactic acid.

Arranging the components is meant to promote creativity and meditation without the messy sand or small plants associated with traditional zen garden kits. 

“The almost random ridges and valleys of the base tiles can be combined and connected in multiple ways, creating millions of Zen patterns that you can change as your heart desires,” according to Yanko Design. “The pebbles, stone lamps, and structures that you can place on top also magnetically attach to the intersection of tiles, making it effortless to create any arrangement you could think of.”

And, in keeping with the Zen principle that nothing is permanent, the kit is biodegradable.