Origin Materials completes construction on Sarnia biobased CMF and HTF unit


In Sarnia, Ontario, Origin Materials has announced the mechanical completion of its first large-scale manufacturing plant for biobased chloromethylfurfural and hydrothermal carbon.

Dubbed Origin 1, the plant will convert 25,000 tons of biomass into CMF and HTC. Commissioning is expected shortly after the end of the first quarter.

“The mechanical completion of Origin 1, our first commercial plant, is an important milestone in our mission to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials,” said John Bissell, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Origin Materials, in a press statement. “I’m proud of how our team has executed as we draw closer to commercial production to meet over $9 billion in total customer demand for our carbon-negative materials.”

CMF can be used to produce an alternative for common bottling material polyethylene terephthalate. Origin 1 is expected to start to address growing customer demand for renewable materials and allow customers to qualify products and applications beyond PET.