Beer aroma maker raises $6.4 million


In Denmark, a company developing precision fermentation routes to food and beverage aroma ingredients has raised 45 million Danish kroner (US$6.4 million).

EvodiaBio is targeting the non-alcoholic beer segment first with its Yops monoterpenoid aroma blend, which is produced using yeast cells that secrete the individual aroma components and are then combined to mimic the aroma profiles of different hops.

Longer-term, EvodiaBio will develop aromas for other beverages, perfume, and a range of other segments, co-founder and chairman Jarne Elleholm says in a statement.

Fourteen million kroner was contributed by the BioInnovation Institute, a Danish accelerator funded by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. The remaining 31 million kroner came from several international industry players, including German flavor house Symrise and Nordic Foodtech VC.

“Our vision is to create a sustainable, global company within the development, production, and commercialization of natural aromatic substances and this funding is our opportunity to realize this vision,” says Ellholm.