Unilever eyes 2023 for precision-fermented dairy launch


In London, Unilever executives have publicly called dairy “problematic” as it invests in R&D to produce alternatives via precision fermentation. The consumer goods giant, which counts Magnum, Ben & Jerry’s, and Breyers among its brands, said at a recent media event that it is working with startups in Europe and could launch products in 2023, Green Queen reports.

The company didn’t disclose what brand might see its first cow-free dairy ingredients, but Unilever’s chief R&D officer for ice cream, Andrew Sztehlo, said it could be one of Unilever’s largest brands, and North American titles are on the table for inaugural launch.

Sztehlo adds that plant-based dairy struggles with taste and texture—and in the case of nut-based dairy alternatives—allergy risks. Precision fermentation could eliminate these issues, he adds.