Ski maker boosts investments into materials


In Utah, popular ski equipment maker Rossignol Group will spend $50 million in coming years to boost sustainability efforts, including efforts to increase use of renewable materials.

The funds will help the brand meet its goal of $500 million in sales by 2026—an increase of over 60% compared to its 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The cash will be split into $27 million in industrial investments, $15 million to its environmental and social progress, and the rest into new products and developments.

“With this plan, we are moving Rossignol and its 115 years of history into the future, committing ourselves to creating sustainable, inclusive products for both summer and winter,” Rossignol president and CEO Vincent Wauters says in a press statement. “Through this roadmap, we will make industrial and environmental investments focused on renewable technologies and life-cycle management, including repairability, second-life uses, and recyclability.”

Rossignol’s recently launched Essential Ski is the first to be made from mostly recycled or biobased materials. Over 75% of Essential Ski can be recycled.