Look “Good as Hell” with Lizzo’s hemp falsies


In Los Angeles, makeup artist to singer, rapper, vocal vegan, and celebrated flutist Lizzo is touting biodegradable false lashes made by Velour Cloud Nine Lashes

Alexx Mayo tells Glamour magazine the lashes are made from hemp fibers and are both reasonably priced and easily obtainable; Velour Cloud Nine Lashes retail for $24 at Ulta and Sephora and can be reused up to 20 times. The Lizzo favorites are also 90% biodegradable, unlike synthetic falsies made from petroleum or mink extensions that carry with them animal cruelty concerns.

According to Velour, “the fibers are so fluffy and natural-looking, you’d never know they were hemp-derived.” The brand also claims to be the first to bring hemp-derived fibers to luxury lash market.