BioFluff raises half a million for plant-based fur


In San Francisco, plant-based fur developer BioFluff has raised $500,000 in pre-seed funding.

Participants included SOSV/IndieBio fund, Joyance partners, and Ataraxia Partners Limited. The funds will help the startup bring its first product to market next year, in collaboration with an unnamed, Paris-based fashion client.

According to the company’s website, BioFluff is the first 100% plant-based fur to replace animal and plastic fur by providing an ethical and sustainable alternative. The company’s process combined with retrofitted equipment for faux-fur production will accelerate scalability, it adds.

“We are not trying to replace century-old traditions and craftsmanships, but we want to give everyone a new high-quality material to work with,“ Martin Stuebler, Co-Founder and CEO, said in a statement to Green Queen. “We believe that after the alternative food market exploded the next innovations can be expected in the alternative material market.”