Upgrade your cocktail experience with… cabbage?


In Israel, a “marketing tech” machine that deposits colorful designs on cocktails—think latte art, but boozy—can now use entirely plant-based pods. 

Manufactured by Ripples, a “bev-top media” category leader, the ability to print logos or designs on drinks is meant to target the ‘did-it-for-the-Gram [Instagram]’ demographic. Or, as Ripples puts it, “is designed to help businesses and brands elevate consumer drink experiences to a new level of innovation and impact.”   

Ripples recently introduced Chameleon Plus pods for its machines. The pods are made with flavorless cabbage extract that adjust to a drink’s pH level and print a spectrum of blue- and red-based hues that “beautify” cocktails. Color possibilities include aqua, turquoise, lavender, magenta, violet and more, depending on beverage acidity or alkalinity.

“People are delighted when we serve them a Ripples-topped cocktail,” Or Asulin, mixologist  at Tel Aviv’s Poupee restaurant, says in a press statement. “I’m so happy with the new Ripple Maker II Pro version that lets my team surprise guests with the perfect drink and perfect colored print every time.”