Austrian Fashion Week Includes Kelp-Inspired Bioplastic Clutch


In Austria, designer Julia Koerner has introduced kelp-inspired clutch bags made from kelp bioplastics for her JK3D fashion brand. 

Debuted recently at MQ Vienna Fashion Week and available in slate, mauve, and midnight blue, the Kelp Mini Clutch resembles tangled tendrils of kelp found along the coast of Malibu, with “strategic voids” that create a visual effect and make the bag lighter. 

“Everything—the clasp, hinge and pocket—is 3D-printed out of one single material using plant-based polymers,” Koerner told Dezeen. “I analyzed and 3D-scanned the naturally dried kelp and developed the 3D design based on the scans.”

Koerner’s most recent collection also includes another clutch and side tables 3D printed from mushrooms.  

“Our motivation is to create innovative, iconic and sustainable designs, which are inspired by nature,” Koerner says. “I believe the future of fashion is 3D-printed. The technology enables us to rethink manufacturing processes, mass customization and personalization.”