Never be latte again with coffee-waste watch


In Berlin, watchmaker Lilienthal Berlin has designed a watch made from used coffee grounds that it claims retains that invigorating smell for quick aromatherapy pick-me-ups on the go 

The timepiece, named Coffee Watch, retails for $349 and is available in colors like Americano and Macchiato. It uses material invented by Kaffeeform, a German company that converts waste coffee grounds collected from cafes by bike couriers into products like watch cases and reusable coffee travel mugs.  

“With the Coffee Watch, we want to show just how exciting a sustainable lifestyle can be. That it’s worth challenging the status quo,” Lilienthal tells dezeen, a publication that has shortlisted Coffee Watch for its 2022 wearable design award. “That it’s possible to make a watch out of something as seemingly useless as coffee grounds—that good-looking accessories can be compatible with premium quality and sustainability.”

According to Lilienthal Berlin, more than 20 million metric tons of waste coffee grounds are generated by Germans annually.