Coffee balls take the wasteful pods out of your morning routine


In Switzerland, supermarket chain Migros has introduced the world’s first capsule-less coffee system for coffee pod machines. Dubbed CoffeeB, the convenient and eco-friendly alternative to the ubiquitous—and wasteful—Keurig-style coffee pods uses a natural and compostable encapsulating material produced by Delica. 

The material also protects against oxygen loss, ensuring your cup of joe stays fresh.  “With CoffeeB, Migros is combining a full taste experience, convenience and no waste,” Fabrice Zumbrunnen, president of the general management of the federation of Migros Cooperatives, tells Packaging Insights. “We are convinced that with CoffeeB we have developed a technology that meets the needs of today’s consumers and will positively impact the environment. The capsule system without a capsule fits 100% with Migros’ sustainability strategy. It is the most important product innovation in the company’s history.” 

Migros says the swap will reduce coffee capsule waste by 100,000 metric tons. They are available in Switzerland and France and will be added to Germany locations in 2023. 

Zumbrunnen adds that the simplicity of CoffeeB belies how much work went into its development. “It took five years from the idea to the launch, and during that time, there were numerous failures. But the vision of developing a waste-free capsule system was always stronger,” he adds.