Biobased charging cables? Watt a good idea!   


In Washington, a major manufacturer of mobile charging tools has introduced USB-C charging cables incorporating biobased materials. 

Dubbed Anker Eco Product, the outer sheath is made from 40% plant-based materials, including corn and sugarcane. The eco-friendly material replaces petroleum-based plastics like thermoplastic elastomer without sacrificing quality, strength, or durability. 

“As the global leader in mobile charging, it’s our responsibility to explore ways to reduce the e-waste impact our products and packaging have on the environment,” Steven Yang, CEO of Anker Innovations, says in a press statement. “These bio-based cables are just the first step, and we’re excited to drive this eco-innovation for both our company and the consumer electronics industry, overall.”

Like their petroleum-based predecessors, the biobased cables were shown to withstand up to 20,000 bends, helping to keep cables usable and out of landfills.  Each model is available in two sizes—3 ft and 6 ft—and comes in a variety of “playful” colors designed to coordinate with Anker’s latest lineup of charging accessories.

The cords are available on amazon and