Golf off your yacht guilt-free with dissolvable balls


In Vancouver, a new company hopes to make your weekends and retirement a bit greener with biodegradable golf balls made from corn starch and PVA coating. 

Imaginatively named Biodegradable Golf Balls, the company says in a press statement that its balls dissolve within a couple of weeks—unlike the several hundred thousand golf balls that disappear from courses annually and leech microplastics and toxic metals into the environment. 

“By offering a water-soluble golf ball substitute, we believe we can assist in the future of golf sustainability,” the company says.  However, since the balls achieve “80% performance compared to traditional non-biodegradable golf balls,” the company says its balls are “less suited for professional green use but perfect for guilt-free driving near bodies of water.” This can include “having fun on your ocean yacht” or “pitching from your lakeside property.”