Heineken-filled sneaker invites you to “walk on beer”


In Los Angeles, designer Dominic Cambrione and beer brand Heineken have created a sneaker that features clear soles and upper exterior filled with beer. Dubbed Heinekicks, 32 pairs of the whimsical sneaker have been made using surgical techniques to ensure the brewski stays securely within the transparent tubes. The metaphor is intended to invoke a walking experience as smooth as Heineken’s latest beer, Heineken Silver. 

“Partnering with Heineken for their new beer was a fun challenge,” Cambrione, also known as The Shoe Surgen, tells dezeen. “We both share a passion for innovation and pushing boundaries and created a design to reflect that. The shoe not only embodies the energy of Heineken Silver but literally carries it.” 

To ensure the wearer is always ready to imbibe, the shoes’ tongues also have an embedded metal bottle opener. 

“Heineken has always been passionate about brewing innovation that aligns with the culture and taste profile of drinkers,” 

Heineken brand director Rajeev Sathyesh says the company has always been “passionate” about brewing innovation that aligns with beer drinkers’ taste and culture. “Heineken Silver does just that, with a smooth and perfectly balanced taste profile that matches the more informal social occasions of today. Being able to represent that through an exclusive collaboration with The Shoe Surgeon is a fantastic project and a great manifestation of the purpose of Heineken Silver.”

The launch comes a year after rapper Lil Nas X customized sneakers with human blood.