Design house and German chemical giant team up for sustainable shoe


In Germany, chemical maker BASF has announced a collaboration in which design house Maddy Plant developed a concept shoe made entirely from BASF sustainable materials. 

Dubbed MADGAMMA – Intertekk Saturn, the shoes use biobased Elastollan® polyurethane in the midsoles, shanks, and outsoles. The shoe also features an upper made from 100% recyclable monofilament fiber Freeflex™ PU. Freeflex TPU elastic fiber is used as an alternative to dry spandex for its soft stretch performance. 

“The concept shoe features our winning ideas to make footwear sustainable and at the same time high performing. Our ambition is to bring these advanced technologies into mainstream footwear production,” says Minli Zhao, Vice President, Consumer Industry, Asia Pacific, BASF Performance Materials.

Maddy Plant is a footwear-focused design house that hopes to “arouse the public’s thinking about wearing technology through shoes and at the same time pay attention to how technology can be used in it while exploring the infinite possibilities of shoes in the future together with consumers.”