Caveman diet: Wooly mammoth burgers could soon be on the menu


In Belgium, a meat alternative startup is expanding its product R&D efforts from the more conventional beef, chicken, pork and lamb varieties to wooly mammoths burgers. 

Paleo says it has been able to make a new protein by analyzing DNA of woolly mammoths, which roamed the earth from the Pleistocene era—over 2 million years ago—to as recently as 12,000 years ago. 

“I know that it’s a bit more exotic,” Paleo CEO Hermes Sanctorum told Food Dive. “I can imagine that not everyone is really into trying something like that. But at least we can show also that we are able to produce something less obvious.” He added that wooly mammoth meat is “more meaty” than what we eat today. 

The news comes shortly after Colossal Biosciences announced plans to try and bring wooly mammoths back to life using CRISPR. Colossal says reintroducing the elephant ancestor to the Arctic could prevent permafrost melting.