Robert Downey Jr.-backed cooking oil company launches online sales


In California, a fermentation-based cooking oil startup backed by Robert Downey Jr. and co-founded by metabolic engineering pioneer Jay Keasling, has put its first product for sale on its website. 

Zero Acre Farms’ oil—which the company claims is “sky-high” in healthy fats, low in bad fats, gluten-free, GMO-free, and deforestation-free—is available for $29.99 per bottle. 

“We have a clear mission: to remove destructive vegetable oils from the food system,” co-founder and CEO Jeff Nobbs, tells vegconomist. “We believe the solution to the massive problem of vegetable oils, and the lead domino in our battle against chronic disease and deforestation, lies in the original culinary art, after fire—fermentation. We’re leveraging this ancient culinary technique for a different purpose, to make healthy oils and fats that don’t destroy our environment.”

Zero Acre Farms recently raised $37 million in funding. Participants included Downey Jr.’s FootPrint Coalition Ventures and Richard Branson.