Cultivated wildebeest could soon appear on South African menus


In South Africa, cultivated meat producer Mogale Meat says it could have lab-grown game meat, such as springbok, wildebeest, and impala, available for sampling this year, and launched commercially within three years. 

Founded by former wildlife veterinarian Paul Bartels in 2020, Mogale has already demonstrated production of cell-based chicken. But the company notes that meat-eating consumers in the region are increasingly interested in exotic meats. Springbok carpaccio, warthog fillet, and ostrich biltong, for example, are common on South African menus, according to MoneyWeb, which lists Sustainable Food Ventures LLC, Big Idea Ventures LLC and Cult Food Science Corp as early investors in Mogale Meat. 

Traditional livestock rearing in South Africa is also challenged by the effective of climate change.