Savings app introduces sea salt debit cards


In London, popular investing and savings platform Plum has introduced a 100% recyclable and biodegradable debit card partially made of sea salt. 

The Plum Card will be free to the company’s Plum Ultra customers. The premium service offers cash back and budgeting solutions for £4.99 (US$5.92) per month.  

The plum-colored debit card is 57% sea salt although the rest is petroleum-based. It was produced by, which says an additive ensures degradation in “microbe-rich” environments. 

Victor Trokoudes, CEO and co-founder of Plum, tells Plum wants to simplify money management for customers at every stage in their financial lifecycle.  “This card will give Plum users even better visibility and control of their finances, as they can set their own spending allowances,” he says. “This means they can properly compartmentalize their spending.”