Fashion Week features cocoa bean waste dress sponsored by ice cream company


In Paris, waste cocoa bean husk is the latest renewable material innovation to hit the runway, thanks to a partnership between Dutch Fashion Designer Iris van Herpen and ice cream brand Magnum. 

van Herpen and Magnum brought in Zaandam-based design studio Klarenbeen and Dros, which had experience making biopolymers from materials like algae, mycelium, and seaweed. The cocoa industry generates a large amount of waste in the form of husks. 

“As a designer, I have always worked to push the boundaries of design and this collaboration has really allowed us to take this one step further by linking the ingredients of an iconic Magnum Vegan to create an haute couture design,” van Herpen tells “The opportunity to work with the brand on such an innovation in sustainable fashion has been a very special experience.”  

Magnum hopes the partnership will help promote its new dairy-free vegan ice creams. Cindy Bruna, the model chosen to wear the dress on the runway, said she was delighted to be chosen for such an “unexpected and impactful” combination of ice cream and haute couture.