New smartphone boasts more than 50% bioplastics   


In Switzerland, tech startup Nothing has unveiled a smart phone that is more environmentally friendly than others on the market. 

Dubbed Nothing Phone (1), the device features a transparent back designed to invoke nostalgia.  “We were inspired by our childhoods, the rush of engaging with our first-ever tech products—like the transparent Gameboy, or even old cassette tapes,” Akis Evangelidis, Head of Marketing and Co-Founder of Nothing, told Euronews Next. 

But it is the use of recycled and renewable materials that really sets Nothing Phone (1) apart from ubiquitous smartphones such as the iPhone or Android. ] “We can’t deny the importance of sustainability at this stage, especially within the consumer tech industry,” Evangelidis adds. “We really don’t want to be another brand caught up in greenwashing.”

Over half of the phone’s plastic components are biobased or post-consumer recycled materials, and packaging features soybean-based ink and recycled fibers such as bamboo and sugarcane. 

The company, which introduced the phone to a small group at the recent Art Basel event in Switzerland, has promised to launch the phone more widely later this month.