Biodegradable flossers are a win-win for earth and your dental hygiene


In Michigan, leading dental flosser brand Plackers has introduced 100% biodegradable flossers made from natural silk floss, coconut coating, and PHA bioplastic sourced from Danimer Scientific 

Dubbed EcoChoice, the flossers will “gently clean between your teeth while also caring for the planet” by decomposing in a home or industrial composter after just 26 weeks, Plackers says in a press statement. 

The company claims to have invented the flosser nearly half a century ago. “With a trusted history of providing the highest quality dental flossers, Plackers through EcoChoice, has advanced the category again by constructing the flossers in a more sustainable way through its 100% biodegradable design,” the company adds. 

The flossers are available exclusively on amazon.