Femtech startup raises cash for seaweed-based tampons


In Berlin, startup Vyld has closed a pre-seed fund raise to scale up production of tampons made from seaweed. 

“Algae are already used in over 70% of all processed foods due to their many beneficial features,” says Vyld founder Ines Schiller. “We want to use these amazing unique advantages for period products where they will really make a difference. This way we can offer the menstruators a unique solution that combines product performance and true sustainability.” 

According to Femtech Insider, 90% of period products are single use products. Many are based on viscose and cotton, which require significant inputs. By comparison, seaweed cultivation does not require fertilizers, pesticides or water; grows significantly faster than crops like cotton; and sequesters carbon dioxide and nitrogen, helping mitigate climate change and restore marine ecosystems.  

The size of the funding was not disclosed. Participants include The Case for Her, Purpose Ventures, and several business angels. Femtech Insider notes that Schiller is also a marine guide, entrepreneur, film producer, and neuroscientist.