Synthos and Lummus advance bio butadiene project


In Poland, synthetic rubber producer Synthos has advanced its partnership with Lummus subsidiary Green Circle for biobased butadiene production. After completing a successful feasibility study in 2021, Lummus and Synthos have concluded that the technology is ready for implementation and have agreed to move into the engineering and design phase.

They have also decided to build a plant with capacity for 40,000 metric tons—twice the capacity originally envisaged—and to use butadiene extraction technology licensed from BASF. The location of the plant was not disclosed. It will produce butadiene from biobased ethanol. 

“Since Lummus began collaborating with Synthos last year, it has become evident that this technology has the potential to be the new standard in our industry due to its renewable sourcing, production efficiency and low carbon footprint,” said Leon de Bruyn, president and CEO of Lummus Technology, in a press statement.