Buy Timberland glasses, plant a tree that won’t become timber


In New Hampshire, popular urban boot brand Timberland has launched an eyewear line that uses biobased materials and plants trees for every purchase.  

Available in both corrective frames and sunglasses, the shades are relatively affordable as far as the category goes. A sporty pair in a panto shape will set you back $130 and is made of at least 80% bioplastic. A “city life” pair is 65% bioplastic and costs $106, while a trendier square frame, also at least 80% bioplastic, runs around $213. 

Timberland has also vowed to plant 50 million trees by 2025. One site in Ghana, dubbed the Timberland forest, is planted by local farmers as part of Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative. Every pair of Timberland glasses supports Treedom, a company in turn investing in the Ghana project and others like it.