Latest end-of-life option: Become a big bath bomb


In Texas, a mortician/TikTok star has gone viral with a new offering for the deceased: the option to become a big “bath bomb” for burial at sea. 

Mortician Lupi demonstrated the concept, which is essentially a fast-dissolving urn made from salt that the bereaved can toss into the sea. The quirky funeral option has the added benefit of sidestepping awkward ash-spreading incidents due to wind. 

“This is perfect for ocean burials and it dissolves in five minutes,” she said in her TikTok video, which shows a white, circular urn that looks eerily like a larger version of a bath bomb you might get at your local Lush shop for a little self-care in the tub. The service costs just $245. 

She does warn, however, that the urns should only be tossed into salt water, as the urn’s salt content could cause harm to freshwater environments.