How the (new) sausage is made: Children’s book aims to educate about cellular ag


In Germany, a children’s book is explaining the benefits of cellular agriculture in the hopes that future generations will eschew resource-intensive animal farming in favor of sustainable, slaughter free alternatives like lab-grown meat. 

Named Where do Hot Dogs Come From, the book details a family gathering that turns into a teaching moment. Authors Alex Shirazi and Anita Broellochs hope the tome will also inspire children to become scientists in the alternative proteins space. The book is appropriate for ages 3 to 7. 

“The book is taking the typical question of children where different foods, in this case, hot dogs, come from into a different direction than what you would expect as an answer if the hot dogs were produced in a conventional way,” Shirazi tells Green Queen. “Instead of a story that no one would like to hear, it takes a different direction and turns a family BBQ into a science story where the mom explains how hot dogs are made with cellular agriculture technologies which has a happy ending for everyone involved, including the cow.” 

The book can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter and will ship in October. Broellochs is also founder and CEO of cultured meat startup Balletic Foods.