Danish designer repurposes Michelin-star crustacean waste into ceramics


In Copenhagen, Natural Material Studio has unveiled conceptual ceramics that incorporate pulverized shells sourced from Denmark’s top restaurant. 

The studio, founded by Bonnie Hvillum, paired with Michelin-star eatery Noma and ceramicist Eben Kaldahl to create the  crockery, dubbed Shellware.  

“I was curious to work with seafood shells and explore the possibilities, and also how they could be brought back into the restaurant in a new narrative,” Hvillum tells Dezeen. “I connected with marine experts from Kristineberg Marine Center in Sweden to understand the shells better.  And from there follows several material experiments based on hypotheses I build from all the different knowledge I have gathered.”

The shells were heated to burn off organic matter and create calcium oxide, which was then pulverized into powder. Scallop shells yielded the most material, although sea snails, crabs and sea urchin were also used,  Hvillum says.