Cardboard bed frames promise Olympians a good night’s sleep ahead of their events  


In Tokyo, the much-anticipated—and COVID-disrupted—Olympic Games will soon get underway, with athletes sleeping off their exertions in beds made from recycled cardboard.  

Airwearve, a Japanese bedding company, made 18,000 cardboard bedframes and polyethylene fiber mattresses that can be recycled infinitely. 8,000 of the eco-friendly beds will be reused at the Paralympic Games, and eventually all will be donated to Japanese organizations.  

“The concept was to make a lightweight, easy-to-assemble mattress and meet the Games’ Sustainability Plan,” Airweave tells Dezeen. The cardboard bedframes were designed to be both light and easy to assemble, and the mattresses will be available in four different firmness levels to accommodate the individual needs of the world’s elite athletes.  

“Our signature modular mattress design allows for firmness customizations at the shoulder, waist and legs to achieve proper spine alignment and sleep posture, allowing for the highest level of personalization for each athlete’s unique body type,” Airweave adds.