Gucci develops vegan leather


In Italy, luxury brand Gucci has launched its first eco-friendly sneaker, featuring animal-free leather developed in-house. Dubbed Demetra, the material was developed at Gucci’s Gruppo Colonna plant in Tuscany. It is 77% plant-based, using viscose, wood pulp and renewable polyurethane. 

The sneakers also use organic cotton and recycled steel and polyester. 

The shoes will be available in three styles—Gucci Basket, Gucci New Ace, and Gucci Rhyton—and scraps from production will be reused and upcycled. Gucci is working to patent Demetra and add the leather alternative to other product lines such as handbags.

The name Demeter is a nod to Greek goddess of agriculture and harvest, Demeter. The kicks are available in Gucci stores as well as online, but they will set you back—prices start at €590 ($699).