Burger King trials renewable packaging in Miami


In Miami, fast food giant Burger King has begun a pilot program to evaluate greener packaging—including cutlery, straws, wrappers and drink lids—at 51 of its restaurants. 

Plans call for unbleached, virgin paperboard fry packaging, utensils made from the bioplastic polylactic acid, recycled fiber napkins, plant-based straws and sandwich wrappers that reduce paper usage. The company hopes it can eventually phase out the 500 million plastic straws used annually in its restaurants as well as reduce 1,500 metric tons of paper waste. 

“Sustainable packaging is a cornerstone of our restaurant brands for good journey, and this new pilot represents a huge opportunity for us to make a difference,” head of innovation and sustainability at Burger King, Matthew Banton, says in a press release. “We’re optimistic about our progress and are committed to reducing waste to do our part in creating a more sustainable future.”

The Whopper inventor also said it would expand an ongoing test of reusable packaging items being undertaken with The Coca-Cola Company and Kraft Heinz.