Aquaman star endorses algae-based sneakers


In Illinois, climbing gear brand So iLL has partnered with Aquaman star Jason Momoa to launch sneakers made from algae and other biodegradable materials, including cotton and cork. 

The $109.00, limited-edition kicks are part of the brand’s On the Roam collection and are available for preorder on So iLL’s site. An algae material is used for insoles, while the outsoles are made from a material infused with Eco-Pure Powder to help it break down more quickly in landfills. 

Momoa, who most recently played Aquaman in the DC Justice League series following his break-out role as the hulking Khal Drogo on Game of thrones, captioned the launch on his Insta with, “We’re all in this together.” The shoes also feature Momoa’s well-known triangle tattoo.