Swedish outdoor brand introduces plant-based backpack


In Sweden, popular outdoor brand Fjallraven has introduced a backpack made almost entirely out of renewable materials. 

Dubbed Tree-Kanken, the backpack is part of the company’s popular Kanken line of tote/commuter bags that Fjallraven calls the “ambassador” of its brand. Like the conventional Kanken, Tree-Kanken has 16-liter capacity and includes a large U-pocket. However, Tree-Kanken uses a fabric Fjallraven dubs Pine Weave, which is comprised of plant-based fiber, yarn, coatings, and Bluesign-certified dyes. 

Tree-Kanken “lives up to the high standards that are expected from all Fjallraven products,” Fjallraven says, and production requires less water, energy and chemicals than incumbent backpacks. The bag retails for $115 and will be available in yellow, green, blue, and black.